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        Welcome to visit the official website of CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd.

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        Product center

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        Olive Oil Disc Separator ZYDH206CJ-03


        Product center

        Land products

        Disc separator

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        The HD steering gear is the product which absorbed the foreign advanced technology, and its working reliability is guaranteed from the designing, which makes operating the navigation effectively and accurately.



        The olive oil disc separator series are mainly applied for the sludge and water discharge of vegetable oil especially for olive oil, which is with structure of piston automatic discharge, it can fullfil automatic control.

        1. Conveyor belt with leaves remove
        Olives are put in basin which made of healthy Chrome AISI 304. To take it to the washing machine through the conveyor belt which made of healthy plastic PVC. and the leaves are removed through the paper dispatcher at the top of the conveyor belt.

        2. Olive Washing

        Olives are washed by water pump and purified of dirt and stones out of the washing machine and put it through helix.
        There is also a sieve with helix  to prevent leaves from fall into the washing machine and put it outside.
        All the washing machine parts made of healthy chrome AISI304


        3. Helix with olive crusher


        4. Mixer

        Four Basin's Mixer

        Five Basin's Mixer

        Six Basin's Mixer

        - The mixer is a set of panoramic basins to prepare the dough Separately so that the user can Work With Many Customers at the same time.
        -The mixer (panorama) Consists  from four to six basins on demand Each basin capacity of 800 liters.
        - Olive Crushing in the crusher and then distributed with the help of a helix to any Basin of the mixer by Automatic Mechanism controlled by computer.
        - The dough has to be prepared with water temperature from 35 degrees to 40 degrees and this level of heat is controlled Using the computer to get the Required temperature during 20-30 minutes.
        This process is very effective to increase the amount of oil production.
        - The dough is Moves by helix through the dough pump to decanter.
        - All plates in contact with the dough and hot water are made from healthy Chrome AISI304 good for food use.


        5. Decanter series


        No.            Type                               Capacity olives                               
        kg /hour T/24 hour
            1              LW355             2200    55 
          2 LW420 3000 72
           3 LW500 3800 91

        For many years experience and constant success in The best-selling decanters and which is characterized by the following specifications:
        -  The possibility of working binary system phase and three-phase
        - The decanter is controlled via (PLC) industrial computer to regulate the pumping system for olive dough by the type of olive  and protect it from faults caused by misuse.
        - The decanter is supported with German inverter system to give a constant cycle.
        - The decanter's bowl and helix  Made from Stainless steel resistant to friction  TI316
        - The gear box used in the decanter is from the famous German company CYCLO DRIVE.
        - Easy operation and maintenance


        6. Separator with base

        Separator base is the ideal solution for the installation of separators simply to prevent concussions. Supported with top tank made from chrome AISI304 to assemble oil from vibrator through the oil pump. And supported with a tank in front of separator with oil pump.


        No.                Model                   Capacity (kg/hour)                  Motor power (kW)                   Discharge mode           
        1 ZYDH206 2000 5.5 Self cleanning
        2 ZYDH207 4000 7.5 Self cleanning

        7. Water oven and heat exchanger


        8.Complete Product Lines




















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