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        Welcome to visit the official website of CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd.

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        Chemical Disc Separator


        Product center

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        Disc separator

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        The HD steering gear is the product which absorbed the foreign advanced technology, and its working reliability is guaranteed from the designing, which makes operating the navigation effectively and accurately.



        Our chemical disc separator is designed according to the chemical feeding characters which including corrosivity, volatility, flammable and combustible, or poisonous, the separators will satisfy all of the requirements.
        Typical application: Latex, fatty acid, biodiesel, coal tar, painting, dye, petroleum additive, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, printing ink, Chemical fiber viscose fluid, alkali liquor, bentonite, kaolin, organic solvent, insecticide, reconstituted tobacco, salt, suspension contenting metal, oxide, oxychloride and catalyst etc.

        Main Technical Specification

        No Model Capacity Motor power  Main use
        1 HGDH204 500-1000 L/H 4 kW  
        2 RPDB305 1000-3000 L/H 7.5  
        3 SR400 3000 L/H 11 Fluorescent powder
        4 HGDB211 1500 L/H 15 Sulfosalt
        5 RPDB313 5000-10000 L/H 22 Acrylic amide
        6 DHN400 4000-5000 L/H 11 Chemical fiber viscose
        7 HGDB213 90000 L/H 22 Chemical fiber viscose




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