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        Welcome to visit the official website of CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd.

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        CSSC Nanjing Luzhou MacGregor Machinery Co., Ltd successfully delivered the first domestic top brand air compressor

        Recently, the first batch of air compressors of CSSC Nanjing Luzhou MacGregor Machinery Co., Ltd., completed the assembly and commissioning in China, and successfully passed the inspection of DNV and GL. Sent to users, opened a new chapter in the development of CSSC LUZHOU and MacGregor from cooperation to joint venture development.

        CSSC Nanjing Luzhou MacGregor Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint venture company jointly funded by CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co. Ltd and MacGregor Group in April 2018. The main purpose of dependence and sincere cooperation is an important choice for jointly creating a new model of cooperation and expanding a new space for win-win.. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in the technology development, production and sales of world-renowned brands HATLAPA air compressors and other marine equipment, and has a global after-sales service network system. The joint venture company provides piston air compressors and screw air compressors of various specifications. The product performance is stable and mature and has been recognized by major classification societies. The technology is internationally leading and the product quality is reliable. The goal of the joint venture company is to strive to achieve an annual production capacity of 1,000 air compressors, greatly increase the domestic and international market share, and become the world’s major marine air compressor R&D and production base, which integrates R&D, design, manufacturing services, and supply chain management. First-class manufacturer.


        The five air compressors delivered to the Chengxi Shipyard this time have four models, which are produced with the latest German technology, and the core components use international reliable brands. The manufacturing quality strictly complies with the design and classification society standards. In order to ensure the smooth commissioning of the joint venture's air compressor, as early as the end of April 2019, the joint venture company selected outstanding soldiers to go to the German MacGregor company for professional training. During the manufacturing of the first batch of air compressor prototypes in November 2019, the joint venture also hired air compressor design engineers and assembly test technicians from MacGregor for on-site guidance. After more than one year of hard work, the first batch of orders passed DNVGL's ship inspection and user acceptance on July 9, 2020.